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love the other reviews for this flash rating it a 10. seeing how much effort they put into making their big paragraph long reviews actually makes me laugh simply because there was more effort put into those reviews then there was in this flash.

Thought the drawings were horrendous but I liked the effort in the frame by frames. Audio quality was great up until the end (mic caping). Not my taste in humor but this was made with love! Keep at'er friendo!

kalabor106 responds:

I'll admit that my drawing skills are not of anything pretty. But glad you noticed I tried with the frame by frame work.

I watched Genryu's Blade back when you first released it on newgrounds and even now watching it close to 15 years later it's still as impressive(Jesus christ its been 15 years, I'm getting old :( ). Glad you decided to re-upload this!

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I think I may be stating the obvious here but, originality is seriously lacking. As much as I like duckhunt there are already too many flash variations existing. I found this one to be rather laggy as well. I read in your authors comments that the game originally had larger dimensions but was scaled down. I'm just taking a guess as to why I'm experiencing lag. I've tried it on two different machines and got the same issues. As hard as it is (being a fan myself) try to stay away from recreating sprite games. You are capable of making something great and original. You don't need gimmicks like retro games to get you by.

lol trolls prevail

So this "troll" flash was submitted October 4th, 2011 and I'm assuming it had quite the low score at the time with very few votes. Normally the flash would have been forgotten and pushed into the "never view again" category but these trolls decided to spam +5 votes, recently, to have the flash's score rise quickly to the top. I hope you took a screen shot, because I don't know how much longer it will last with only 427 votes of troll support ;). Either way, this is still hilarious

Lare responds:

It's hilarious but you still gave it a 0? Hypocrite!

Awesome dude so happy for you

About time you got some good recognition. It was nice to be able to test out the beta version as well :P. Nice smooooooooooooooth animation

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This is my first art review! Feel honored :P

I am simply dumbfounded at the talent you have. Like many other reviewers, I was first drawn to this picture because I thought it was an actual photo. I took a closer look and sure enough, it was hand drawn! The attention to detail is astounding and I will be forever jealous of your talents. Congratulations on frontpage and I really hope to see more.

1600 responds:

Thank you. It's good to hear that I can draw with enough attention to detail to give people the idea that it's a photograph at first glance.

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