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I think I may be stating the obvious here but, originality is seriously lacking. As much as I like duckhunt there are already too many flash variations existing. I found this one to be rather laggy as well. I read in your authors comments that the game originally had larger dimensions but was scaled down. I'm just taking a guess as to why I'm experiencing lag. I've tried it on two different machines and got the same issues. As hard as it is (being a fan myself) try to stay away from recreating sprite games. You are capable of making something great and original. You don't need gimmicks like retro games to get you by.

lol trolls prevail

So this "troll" flash was submitted October 4th, 2011 and I'm assuming it had quite the low score at the time with very few votes. Normally the flash would have been forgotten and pushed into the "never view again" category but these trolls decided to spam +5 votes, recently, to have the flash's score rise quickly to the top. I hope you took a screen shot, because I don't know how much longer it will last with only 427 votes of troll support ;). Either way, this is still hilarious

Lare responds:

It's hilarious but you still gave it a 0? Hypocrite!

Awesome dude so happy for you

About time you got some good recognition. It was nice to be able to test out the beta version as well :P. Nice smooooooooooooooth animation

This series is great!

Well deserved high score. Great job buddy keep up the good work!

Nice to see it made its way to Newgrounds!

Looking forward to the next part ;)


UknownXL responds:

Thank you for the review!

my gawd what a disaster

i think this is the only game that i can say i fucking hate and yet keep playing it at the same time. i probably played it for like 4 hours in total to finally beat it. any other game i would have said fuck it but this one just kept me going haha. Good job glad this was such a hit

i liked it

for newgrounds games i usally just don't play them jsut because they aren't any fun the majority of the time but i just decided to give this one a shot. Only problem i had was the ending. You just put the lamp in the temple and that was it just said fin at the end. Something should of happened. Anways whatever good game

great got a couple questions

lets say you didn't want a trail but you wanted to make your own icon to be used instead of the arrow icon when its on your movie how would you do that?


i was the lest vote for this flash while it was in judgement nice i saved u!!!! lol jk nice movie glad i could help

shy-guy-comic responds:


i do agree this is sum sick shit

this does desirve all tens...i never usually play a NG game for that long but this ones kinda addicting and isn't that the way games are suposed to be?

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