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love the other reviews for this flash rating it a 10. seeing how much effort they put into making their big paragraph long reviews actually makes me laugh simply because there was more effort put into those reviews then there was in this flash.

Thought the drawings were horrendous but I liked the effort in the frame by frames. Audio quality was great up until the end (mic caping). Not my taste in humor but this was made with love! Keep at'er friendo!

kalabor106 responds:

I'll admit that my drawing skills are not of anything pretty. But glad you noticed I tried with the frame by frame work.

I watched Genryu's Blade back when you first released it on newgrounds and even now watching it close to 15 years later it's still as impressive(Jesus christ its been 15 years, I'm getting old :( ). Glad you decided to re-upload this!

Your art is well on it's way but still falls a bit short. Work on your body proportions. Funny, but if you actually didn't give them oversized knockers, your style would be more like chibi and would compliment the art quite nicely. If you must have your major bust then work on proportioning. Take a look at some "how to's" for run cycles and it will actually give you some tips that will translate into other areas like frame by frame animation. Don't be afraid to draw beyond a portrait frame for characters. You were half way there with top down perspective type shots. The video starts to become stiff when it mainly consists of close-ups or extreme wide shots for characters.

With all that said, take pride in your work this was a treat to watch. Hope to see more in the future!

like Marqui said before the sound wasn't that great and the art was square... i really just didn't like it altogether

Wow, very nice video! Great 3D modeling, rendering and animation. This style reminded me of pixar :)

I'll be short.

Art was fairly well done, good sense of the human anatomy

Pacing was too slow. I'm guessing it's because you wanted the animation to go up until the end of the MK theme song.
Animation was stiff at times and the Backgrounds were flat
Probably the biggest pet peeve for me - Obvious fan service is obvious. With that said, you probably have the right audience for it :/

Common Zeurel, you're better then this. You don't need to result to nudity for cheap laughs. Although I didn't particularly care for this video I still look forward to your future work.

Does laughing at extreme gore make me a terrible person? Maybe it's because I got the joke before it happened I found it so funny. Nice short!

Content is poor, animation is borderline average. Spend more time coming up with good ideas for skits or capitalize better on the punchlines. This was rather stale and could use more creativity. Good ideas will succeed with even the poorest animation.

Never Give Up! Never Surrender! -Galaxy Quest :D

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