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2012-03-05 11:08:12 by hrechkaness

Hello fellow newgrounders. Lately I have been branching out to other forms of media like film and video gameplay, so I haven't had much time to work on flash projects. As a result, I created my own Video Game review for an old Nes game called Ironsword. I originally wasn't going to share the review on newgrounds, because it has nothing to do with flash, but it was fairly well received on Gametrailers winning User Movie of the Week so I thought I would give it a mention. I think it's kind of cool to see a Newgrounds name featured on a different kind of site. Fear not, I do have some flash projects in the works but I will be maintaining other media projects as well. I shall share a link to the review up on Gametrailers but if you would like to see the FULL [HD] version, I shall share my Youtube link as well. Enjoy :D

P.S There is an easter egg at the very end of the review :P

Gametrailers version

Youtube Full/HD version

Newgrounds Member featured on Gametrailers!


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2012-03-05 12:19:00

fun review, nice work

hrechkaness responds:

Wow, thank you MindChamber! Appreciate the feedback :)


2012-03-05 16:09:19

This game has I-smel's Best Soundtrack Award for every year.

hrechkaness responds:

That has to be the happiest end game song I have ever heard. The music for Ironsword is awesome


2012-03-06 06:16:59

Congrats on the front page video. What do you use to record your gameplay footage. Are you actually playing an NES or is it an emulator?

(Updated ) hrechkaness responds:

I use the Dazzle 100 on my mac. It is a pc catpure device so I had to get a program called videoglide to make it compatible(Although does not support Lion). After I finish the recording I deinterlace all the footage to get rid of the liney effect :D. I only use the dazzle to record SD video, I have a hauppauge if I were to capture HD footage from say a PS3 or Xbox360.