New animation out!

2012-02-07 23:46:13 by hrechkaness

Finally finished my short animation called "The Christmas Party". I would have liked to of gotten this animation done before the new year but I got caught up in the holidays. The animation took longer then expected so that also added to the delayed submission. If you have seen a similar animation before then that's probably because it's true! I was going over my older favorited flash videos and stumbled upon a gem. For any of you veteran newgrounds visitors my animation is a tribute to the awesome flash called "The New Years Party" by dookiemoole that made it's debut in 2005. I still enjoy the animation years after it's release so I decided to pay a tribute. If you liked my animation then I encourage you to go check out the source of my inspiration! I shall leave links to both animations as well as a thumbnail for mine :). Enjoy!

The Christmas Party - Mine

The New Years Party - dookiemoole's

New animation out!


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2012-02-09 04:10:09

You have a lot of submission luck... Your flash is has been stuck in the judgement page for the last couple days, which is similar to glitching onto the front page of all users who participate in judgment.