Ding, level 30!

2011-10-08 12:06:35 by hrechkaness

Wow, just turned lvl 30. What a great reminder of how much time I've spent on this website. If only I spent more time making flashes XD. Wish I could say I have projects under way but I've been keeping myself busy with film rather then flash :(. Keep your eyes peeled for new content in the near future :O. I hope this awesome picture will tide you over til then

Ding, level 30!


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2011-10-08 13:23:40

Wow that pic will keep me happy till the contenr comes out :o if only there was cheese in it :(

hrechkaness responds:

I will have to make a cheese addition to my next portrait :P


2011-10-09 02:11:58

Man, i'm really glad you posted that awesome picture, without it i don't think i'd be able to handle myself.

hrechkaness responds:

Thank you, a lot of time and effort went into that picture. It showcases my attention to detail and it was quite "tedious" to make ;)


2011-10-09 13:30:49

Congrats! It's one of my favorite levels here on NG.