New Robot Day Animation Is Out

2010-07-10 14:38:45 by hrechkaness

Well for once I finally decided to contribute to a newgrounds day holiday! Maybe I wasn't lazy this time around but this animation sure did take some work. It was as much of a challenge modeling objects in Maya Autodesk as it was trying to animate them and then convert them to flash. Not only that, it was a complete challenge to try and keep the file size reasonable :S. But it all worked out and you can go check out my animation now from this link

A Robot In Disguise

Also go and check out some work from a guy I go to college with. He also contributed to Robot Day. Its JordanD and he is best known for his Patchman series!

Patchman: Robo-Rival

Happy Robot Day!

New Robot Day Animation Is Out


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2010-07-10 15:22:03

But hey happy robot day =D


2010-07-11 14:18:40

u rock ^^ read my comment at Kindom wars

hrechkaness responds:

Lol thanks man. Those were my very first flashes that passed judgement years back :D. Glad you like those too!


2010-12-26 13:11:16

nice you really done it great.I heard you are looking for a writer?if thats true pls pm me


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