New Bleach animation is finally out

2009-12-19 14:45:06 by hrechkaness

The Bleach movie was an off and on project that I have been working on for around 6 months. It was a bit of a struggle with the mouse but I'm glad how it turned out. You can definately see a lot of progress being made from start to finish. It is called Bleach 166 and I encourage you all to go and watch and review it :D. There doesn't seem to be enough Bleach movies on newgrounds these days :(. Anyways go check it out and I'll leave you with a little sneak peak below.

Click on me the Link! :D

New Bleach animation is finally out


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2009-12-19 15:02:37

Great drawing especially considering it was done with a mouse

hrechkaness responds:

Yeah the mouse is a real pain to use lol. But over time I learned to work with it a little bit :D Thx for the comment!


2009-12-19 19:49:36

you should do more bleach stuff, this flash was awesome and it would be great if you did more

hrechkaness responds:

I'm not too sure what direction I'm going to go yet but you can be sure that you will probably see more bleach stuff in the future. But as to how soon I couldn't really say lol


2009-12-20 11:01:53

I didn't particularly understand it, as I know nothing of the manga or anime, but I saw your progress in the character design progress from the beginning to the end of the animation. Also, happy Daily 5th!

hrechkaness responds:

Yeah I well aware that this movie would be a little confusing to people who don't follow the show or manga. But for the most part it was just a tribute and a chance to show off my flash abilities so its worth while to watch even for non anime fans lol. I did struggle with this movie from start to finish artistically because of using a mouse lol. Thats why its show a jump lol. I'm glad you liked it!


2010-03-07 01:36:34

Duuuuuude, we totally never see each other anymore! Our classes must be horribly timed :/

PM me we should chat it up :P