2008-04-16 14:25:27 by hrechkaness

Alright fans heres an update on whats been happening with DBZ - TLE 2. It is currently in the making and I'd say its about 25% done so its still got a while to go yet. This episode is going to be much darker and will probably make more sense the last one not leaving too much confusion like last time :P. The graphics will be bumped up a notch so im sure you'll appreciate that :P. Just for a little teaser ill include a pic.



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2008-04-19 16:04:38

Your site has too damn ads!

hrechkaness responds:

My site hasn't been working really for 5 years lol


2008-04-28 21:35:12

man ur cool


2008-05-05 13:27:10

I do A Pretty good Vegeta
Good Luck :D

hrechkaness responds:

I'm gonna try and focus a bit more on vegeta this next upcoming episode so be prepared for that :P


2008-05-15 15:30:08

If you need help at anything tell me, i can shade several objects and other things, maybe add extra shading or something, i can do some electric effects as well, if you need anything ask me, i can do at free will.


2008-06-29 05:19:05

goku looks awesome. What did you use to draw him? Flash, Illustrator?

hrechkaness responds:

i do all my work on macromedia flash 8, for dbz i mainly use the line tool and go from there.


2008-08-29 04:08:21

I am a total dbz addict and i say that picture looks realy fuckin cool :P gl with the lost episode numba 2


2009-07-28 03:45:11

no updates in forever i guess you gave up
too bad I liked some of your stuff

hrechkaness responds:

i haven't given up i just haven't had too much time to do it. It's still in the making and i can give details on how far along it is once summers over. I got one project that im realeasing before it thats why its taking longer then expected. Sorry guess im a little slower then the average animator at producing stuff :P


2009-07-28 21:41:23

still using brian drummond?

hrechkaness responds:

brian drummond?


2009-09-14 15:35:48

I am greatly looking forward to this! It's been a LONG time since another quality DBZ Fan flash has come around and from what I've seen of your work, this will be definitely something to look forward to! I'm making a DBZ animation of my own, so if yours does come around soon, maybe we'll kick ass at the same time :D